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Surgical Telescopes and Lights


Dr. Merguerian treats all of his patients wearing state-of-the-art 6.5 magnification surgical telescopes.  This eyewear surpasses normal vision by bringing every tooth Dr. Merguerian treats into high definition.  The telescopes are complimented with a headlamp that snaps onto them and provides 8000 lux of additional lighting, which focuses directly onto the tooth area being treated.  This eliminates the need for the overhead light that so many older offices still utilize. 

Dr. Merguerian spares no expense in providing the best surgical telescopes and light, which distinguishes excellent dental treatment from mediocre dentistry.  It's the best technology that money can buy.

Whether or not you choose to visit Dr. Merguerian, make sure that your dentist uses surgical telescopes.  This is the one piece of new technology that makes the difference in providing the patient with the best possible treatment.  All the other dental technology with all the bells and whistles will not make as much of a difference in your treatment if the doctor doesn't have a good view into your mouth.  It's comparable to exploring a cave without a flashlight!

We proudly offer rotary endodontics at our convenient location in Toms River, NJ. Rotary endodontics allows Dr. Warren Merguerian to perform root canal treatment a lot faster.