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Relaxation Aids

Relaxation Aids

Dr. Merguerian has nitrous oxide (laughing gas or sweet air) plumbed into each operatory.  This relaxation aid can be used to calm the nervous patient.

It can be used alone for cleanings (which are sometimes uncomfortable for some patients), or in combination with local anesthesia ("Novocaine") for an additional fee of $35.

Please ask for it when you are on the phone with our receptionist so we can accommodate your needs.  It can be the difference between a fretful or pleasant experience.

If you have an IPod or MP3 player, we encourage you to bring it to your appointment to get yourself into a comfortable place away from the noise of the drills.

If you don't have an MP3 player, you can listen to Dr. Merguerian when he sings along with his CD collection that resonates through the office.  His questionable talent can be a distraction to get your mind off of the procedure!

We proudly offer rotary endodontics at our convenient location in Toms River, NJ. Rotary endodontics allows Dr. Warren Merguerian to perform root canal treatment a lot faster.